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Since: Feb. 18, 2014

Entertainment Weekly Comic Con portrait

Entertainment Weekly Comic Con portrait

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Josh has become like a big brother to me.

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Inside Lizzie’s Numero cover (More to come hopefully)

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Another official panel video from Marvel

Official panel video from Marvel

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Please, in the video below, can you write what Olsen said about Scarlet Witch's powers? In 03:18????
Anonymous Asked

She says “I can move objects with magic and I can also get into people’s heads.” :)

1   •   Jul 27th, 2014
I'm a new Elizabeth Olsen fan, what do you think I should know about her? :)
Anonymous Asked

This is a good question, I like it :) First off, definitely check out Martha Marcy May Marlene if you haven’t already. It’s Lizzie’s best performance so far imo. Things to know about Lizzie… she’s incredibly talented, beautiful, friendly and amazing <3 I suggest watching her movies and interviews to see how awesome she is. She also has two very famous twin sisters ;P

1   •   Jul 27th, 2014